Brussels regional cluster has launched an open call for (EN)


Brussels regional cluster has launched an open call for (EN)


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Supporting collective intelligence in circular economy projects

Are you developing a project in the circular economy field that aims to address economic and social challenges in the Brussels-Capital Region?
Would you like to integrate citizens’ visions and needs into your project and learn more about its societal impacts and acceptability?

Then the TRANSFORM call for projects is for you.

Circular Economy

In the framework of the European H2020 project TRANSFORM and the multistakeholder activities implemented in the Brussels-Capital Region, BE participation asbl, Innoviris and UCLouvain ‘Earth and Life Institute’ are launching an open call for projects.

The selected projects will benefit from services tailored to the specificities of your project: a multidisciplinary support to analyse your circular economy project and make it more in line with society, integrating citizens’ visions and needs.

TRANSFORM does not propose structural funds or a subsidy for your project but will contribute to project development in a multistakeholder context, in the current Regional and European responsible research and innovation frameworks.

1. What TRANSFORM offers

Projects selected for the Spheres pilot will benefit from:

  • A broader multidisciplinary vision of the relevant context for the research/innovation based on a scientific multidisciplinary approach
  • The integration of citizens’ visions and needs relevant for the current stage of the project 
  • An increased contribution to the  common public good for the Brussels-Capital Region
  • Identifying key transversalities that anchor the project in the Brussels-Capital Region and connect it to key issues for the regional territory and beyond 
  • Capacity building, familiarising projects with a methodology for multidimensional (ESEH : eco-soc-envi-health) impact assessment to boost the societal relevance of the project

As a result of the analysis offered by TRANSFORM, you will have the possibility to explore, question, (re)create and assess potential links between your project and:

  • Collective issues identified in a multistakeholder engagement setting
  • Potential creative variations of the project
  • The respective potential impact of your project for the territory (in plausible scenarios)

2. Selection Criteria

Brussels-Capital’s partners in TRANSFORM will select projects and innovative ideas based on the following criteria:

  • to be a project within the framework of the circular economy.
  • to have at least one innovative key technological and/or social component.
  • to be connected to regional territorial development and innovation priorities of the Brussels-Capital Region (Climate and Energy; Resources optimisation; Inclusive and Representative society; Health & well-being; Healthy Food for all; Mobility, etc.
  • to be willing to explore new forms of research and innovation

3. Eligibility Criteria

Projects and project holders eligible for support are the following (provided that they have at least one operating headquarter in the Brussels-Capital Region):

  • Small or medium-sized enterprises,
  • Associations;
  • Research organizations (universities, colleges and collective research centers);
  • The regional and municipal “administrative administrations” of the Brussels-Capital Region (AA).


What we provide:

The time and dedication of experts in participatory processes applied to Research & Innovation and experts in innovative approaches to circular economy. 

The organisation of a variety of activities and the engagement of multiple actors to give your R&I project an increased societal relevance. The process in the TRANSFORM pilot will ensure your R&I project benefits from engaging, dynamic and carefully facilitated processes adapted to the needs of your R&I project. The process will include participatory session(s) with:

  • Actors from the academic, private, public and non-profit sectors as well as citizens, relevant to the topic and methodology of your R&I project. 
  • Experts from Responsible Research and Innovation dimensions identified as key for the societal relevance of your project (gender, ethics, open access, public engagement, science education).
  • Activities that enable your project to acquire more transversality, fostering connections between domains identified as possible connections beneficial to your project (e.g. water quality; sustainable food supply; environment, etc…).

TRANSFORM also represents a capacity building opportunity for participants, who will be invited to familiarise themselves with methodological approaches enabling societal engagement in R&I.

The TRANSFORM process has complementarities with existing regional instruments for Circular Economy and the priorities of the region (PREC, PRI, S3). 

We do not fund projects:

Candidate projects must be financed or fundable elsewhere (for HR, equipment, other costs related to the implementation of your project). TRANSFORM does not finance the selected project. The support provided is a service which, within the framework of this call for projects, is provided free of charge to the selected respondents to the call.


Applicants willing to submit an application to this call for proposal should fill in the form available here before 30/09/2021 midnight. Application forms should be sent by email to mmazzonetto@beparticipation.be and mdebry@beparticipation.be.

More information about the TRANSFORM project is available here.


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