Engagement of relevant stakeholders, starting from citizens, has received increasing attention from public institutions as a way to be more inclusive and responsive to citizens’ needs, views and expectations. At the same time, civil society and citizens alike have been striving for having a greater say in public decision-making, helped by the rise of technological innovation and greater connectedness that facilitate the process, enable wider participation and the development of new tools and methods that make public engagement more broadly accessible.

Citizen engagement is about co-creating the future.

It requires an active, intentional dialogue between all relevant stakeholders (civil society organisations, non-governmental organisations, businesses and industry, academia and researchers, policy-makers) on various topics. The main goal is to identify what is important for each stakeholder group and to engage them through the whole collaborative decision-making process. Participants must receive all necessary information and means to make well-informed decisions, which are reflected in human-centred solutions that benefits all and answer their needs and expectations.

This can be done using various methods and tools. For the purposes of this project, we will be deploying three sound co-creation methodologies:


Participatory Research Agenda


Multistakeholder engagement


Citizen Science

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