WP1 Project Management

D1.1 Data Management Plan: DMP describes the management of the collected datasets (type, format, etc.), and how best practices (metadata,  archiving) will be used to ensure that the data will be findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR) for other potential users.

D1.4 Policy Brief: This Policy Brief outlines recommendations for policymakers willing to embark on citizen engagement actions for research and innovation and promote institutional changes in terms of RRI embedding within regional governments. 

WP2 Framework definition, oversight and shared learning

D2.2 Shared learning Action Plan: Shared learning Action Plan provides detailed planning of shared learning activities throughout the project duration. Clusters will regularly share updates on ongoing activities, pros and cons of the methodological approach adopted, challenges to institutional changes, and impact of concrete changes achieved.

D2.3 Report on cluster-specific societal, geographical, economic and environmental frameworks: The report provides an analysis of the mapping and collection of regional R&I strategies and results of SWOT analysis in each regional cluster, defining collaborative propositions on how to improve the openness and inclusiveness of regional R&I ecosystems and help regional clusters to reflect on their place within the larger societal, geographical, economic and environmental framework while planning cluster activities.

WP5 Design for Social Innovation – Brussels-Capital Region

D5.1 Summary of needs definition through Design Thinking workshops: Summary of specific community needs and challenges to address, within the field of circular economy, emerged from design-thinking participatory workshops.

WP6 Sharing results and multiplying impacts

D6.1 Communication and Dissemination Plan: CDP provides details on communication and dissemination activities, sets objectives, target audience and key messages, communication and dissemination products, tools and channels, etc.

D6.2 Project branding and visual identity guide: This deliverable provides the information and instructions for the correct use of project bradning in different scenarios.

D6.3. Communication toolkit: The toolkit is available in English, and ready to be adapted – for local needs and in local languages – and printed. It is composed of: communication templates and a project leaflet.

D6.4 Updated Communication and Dissemination Plan: CDP provides details on communication and dissemination activities, progress on implementation, next steps and planning for the coming months, monitoring and evaluation.

WP7 Monitoring and Evaluation

D7.1 Monitoring and Evaluation Guide: The first version results from project tasks “Mapping of TRANSFORM’s ecosystem of monitoring and evaluation practices” and “Design of TRANSFORM’s own suite of monitoring and evaluation activities”. 

D7.3 Second TRANSFORM Monitoring Report: The interim monitoring report gives an overview of the activities carried out in the first two years of the project.

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