10 November 2022

Chau. de Charleroi 112, 1060 Brussels, Belgium

Three years of TRANSFORM project implementation, the Brussels-Capital regional cluster will present the results, lessons learned and added value of the citizen and stakeholder engagement activities tested within three pilots in circular economy. On this occasion, participants will discover how Innoviris, the Université Catholique de Louvain – UCL and Be Participation, were able to test citizen participation tools at different stages of an innovation (policy) in within public administration.

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The Brussels-Capital Region cluster worked with three pilots within circular economy, in a wide sense, by indentifying specific community needs and challenges to address while paying attention to sustainability and inclusiveness of the whole participatory process.

The cluster experimented with two approaches:

  • On the one hand, the cluster has put forward a 360° vision through citizen participation by having applied a methodology of early detection of the ecological and social effects of a food innovation through an academic research project.
  • On the other hand, participatory ecosystem mapping process was set up to understand the tensions between the social effects and environmental impacts of a regional actor operating around food waste recovery. Among other things, this enabled the identification of knowledge needs within this ecosystem.

The incentive role of the public authorities in the innovation activities for regional economic growth is very important in Brussels. Aligned with its societal challenges, the region has established Strategics Innovation Domains (SID) in the Regional Innovation Plan (PRI) for funding Research and Innovation,  developed by Innoviris.

Optimal use of resources” and “Social innovation, public innovation and social inclusion” are SID to which TRANSFORM activities organised in Brussels are strongly linked. 

RRI dimensions are present in existing R&I initiatives of the Brussels region such as co-creation, a programme that supports the exploration, experimentation and production of co-created knowledge for urban resilience.

More information about the Regional Innovation Plan 2021-2027 here.


Photo credit: Photo by Marius Badstuber on Unsplash

Circular Economy

Appel à projet TRANSFORM - Soutenir l’intelligence collective dans les projets d’économie circulaire

Vous avez encore la possibilité de soumettre votre projet, la date butoir a été déplacée au 30 septembre 2021 à minuit!

A qui s’adresse l’appel à projets ?

  • Aux projets s’inscrivant dans le cadre de l’économie circulaire dans toutes ses transversalité (énergie, alimentation, eau, sols, aménagement du territoire).
  • Aux projets qui possèdent au moins une composante technologique et/ou d’innovation sociale.
  • Aux projets portés par les petites et moyennes entreprises; Les associations ; Les organismes de recherche (universités, hautes écoles et centres collectifs de recherche); Les autorités administratives régionales et communales de la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale (AA).

Qu’est-ce que TRANSFORM apporte à votre projet ?

Le soutien de TRANSFORM n’est pas financier. TRANSFORM offre de l’accompagnement dans les domaines suivants :

  • Une vision scientifique pluridisciplinaire élargie du contexte propre à votre projet de recherche et innovation.
  • Une meilleure intégration de la vision et des besoins des citoyens, intéressants à prendre en compte dans l’étape actuelle de votre projet. 
  • Un accompagnement en vue d’une meilleure contribution de votre projet aux biens publics communs dans la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale.

Concrètement, nous proposons l’accompagnement de votre projet par des experts en démarches participatives dans le domaine de la recherche et innovation et des experts en approches innovantes de l’économie circulaire.

Séance d’information

Une séance d’information pour répondre à toutes vos questions aura lieu le 10 septembre 2021 de 11h à midi. Si vous êtes intéressé.e, inscrivez-vous ici à la séance en ligne. 

Après votre inscription, vous recevrez un e-mail de confirmation contenant les informations pour rejoindre la réunion.

Lien vers l’appel à projets :

FR: https://beparticipation.be/spheres-appel-a-projets/
NL: https://beparticipation.be/spheres-open-oproep/
EN: https://beparticipation.be/spheres-open-call/

Regardez nos vidéos pour mieux comprendre notre appel à projets avec des sous-titres disponibles en Français, Anglais et Néerlandais. Pour les faire apparaître, cliquer sur l’icône de paramètres, et choisir la langue.


Les porteurs de projets souhaitant soumettre une candidature dans le cadre du présent  appel à projets sont invités à compléter le formulaire disponible iciavant le 30/09/2021 minuit.  envoyer par mail à mmazzonetto@beparticipation.be et mdebry@beparticipation.be.

Plus d’informations sur le projet TRANSFORM sont disponibles ici.



Photo credit: Photo by Marius Badstuber on Unsplash

Circular Economy

TRANSFORM call for projects - Supporting collective intelligence in circular economy projects

 You still have the opportunity to submit your project, the deadline has been extended to 30 September 2021!

Who is the call for projects for?

  • Projects that are part of the circular economy in all its transversalities (energy, food, water, soil, land use).
  • Projects that include at least one technological and/or social innovation component.
  • Projects carried out by small and medium-sized enterprises, associations, research institutions (universities, colleges and collective research centres), regional and local administrative authorities of the Brussels-Capital Region (AA).

What does TRANSFORM offer?

 TRANSFORM offers support in the following areas:

  • A broader multidisciplinary scientific vision of the context of your research and innovation project.
  • Better integration of the vision and citizens’ needs, which are interesting to take into account in the current stage of your project.
  • Support for a better contribution of your project to common public goods in the Brussels-Capital Region.

More specifically, your project will benefit from tailored support from experts in participatory approaches in the field of research and innovation and experts in innovative approaches to the circular economy. Please note that TRANSFORM does not provide financial support.

Information session

An information session will take place on 10 September 2021 from 11 am to 12 pm to answer any questions you may have. If you are interested, please register below for the online session.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with information on how to join the session.

Link to the call for proposals:

FR: https://beparticipation.be/spheres-appel-a-projets/
NL: https://beparticipation.be/spheres-open-oproep/
EN: https://beparticipation.be/spheres-open-call/

Learn more about the call for projects in our videos. Subtitles are available in French, English and Dutch. Click on the settings icon and choose the language of the subtitles.


Applicants willing to submit an application to this call for proposal should fill in the form available here before 30/09/2021 midnight. Application forms should be sent by email to mmazzonetto@beparticipation.be and mdebry@beparticipation.be.

More information about the TRANSFORM project is available here.


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