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6 – 9 July 2022

Madrid, Spain

The European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST) organises a biennial international conference held in different European locations since 1982. This year’s edition takes place in Madrid, Spain from 6 to 9 July 2022, addressing a central theme The Politics of Technoscientific Futures, and TRANSFORM is taking part in several sessions. SRecent years have been marked by uncertainty and instability, as the pandemic continues to disrupt lives and communities, transactions and supply chains, customs and rituals. Possible pathways to what we once called the future seem to open and close rapidly from one moment to the next. Constellations of rights and responsibilities – and sites of jurisdiction for defining them – shift daily in relation to new knowledge claims and accompanying uncertainties. Calls to seize the opportunity presented by this crisis abound across projects of techno-political transformation:

EAAST 2022
  • Can we maintain the dramatic reduction of CO2 emissions that we witnessed during the height of the pandemic?
  • Can scientists harness public optimism from vaccine breakthroughs and help quickly implement projects of bioeconomic transformation?
  • Will this new perspective legitimate funding and creation of more public goods such as enlarged public green spaces and cycling infrastructures?
  • Will governments and the private sector seize the opportunity to collaborate in creating new biopolitical regimes of data collection, knowledge, and control?

EASST 2022 aims to address these questions, inviting scholars and the STS  community to rise to the occasion of collective destabilization to engage critically and creatively with the technoscientific politics of futures.

A very exciting full 4-day programme offers two amazing plenaries and four timely and inspiring sub-plenaries to look forward to. And, on top of that, there will be more than 800 absolutely thrilling papers presented. 


Rethinking policies and institutions through co-creation, user-driven innovation & research in the wild 

FRIDAY,  8 July 2022  I 09.00 – 10.30 (session 1)

In this session, Angela Simone (Giannino Bassetti Foundation), TRANSFORM Project Coordinator and Lombardy cluster Coordinator,  will make a case for a Fair reward for citizen contributions in co-creation, while Marzia Mazzonetti (BEparticipation) will talk about ‘Territorial translations of RRI’, building on the TRANSFORM experience of Brussels-Region cluster 

FRIDAY,  8 July 2022  I  11.00 – 12.30 (session 2)

Nora Salas Seoane (Science for Change) will present the work of the Catalan cluster on their health citizen science pilot, in a session ‘Participatory and co-creation practices involving first-person experiences to improve healthcare services and inform policies: a case-study of endometriosis as an under-diagnosed disorder affecting women’s health’. 


Image by Richard Mcall from Pixabay

6 – 7 July 2022

Cork, Ireland

In collaboration with Munster Technological University (MTU) the European Science Engagement Association is glad to invite you to the European Science Engagement Conference 2022, which will be held in MTU on 6-7 July 2022.

“Co-Creating the Future” is the motto of #EUSEA22. The conference will discuss the power of collaborations, explore the magic of stakeholder engagement and reflect the challenges of co-creation. Let’s find innovative ways to create new knowledge and form new alliances! The full 2-day programme offers an inspiring and interactive programme with 22 horizon talks, 15 sessions and 2 keynotes. 39 speakers will present their visions and examples of co-creating the future. 

The registration is open until Sunday, 26th June (Irish Standard Time). 

Citizens’ voices for regional R&I agendas: the TRANSFORM experience

MONDAY,  6 July 2022  I  16.30 – 17.15

In this session, three TRANSFORM regional clusters represented by Anna Pellizzone (Lombardy), Diana Reinoso (Catalonia) and Maite Debry (Brussels-Capital) will share their experiences and lessons learned. By sharing knowledge and showcasing promising outcomes, this session will provide examples of how quadruple helix stakeholders can work together to create a more open, transparent and inclusive regional R&I governance.

#EUSEA 2022


2 – 4 June 2022

Heilbronn, Germany 

Everyone committed to inspiring people with science and technology is invited to join the largest European science engagement conference and meet with peers.

The 2022 Ecsite Conference is a unique professional development opportunity, offering an intense mix of intellectual stimulation, purposefuland creative sessions, business opportunities, and unparalleled networking …. all in the spirit of the Ecsite community – creative, engaging, open and professional.

The 2022 Conference edition will be held at a very special place with a unique atmosphere: at a camp in the city of Heilbronn, hosted by experimenta science centre. With its surprising and unusual spaces, it will provide places and moments to take a breath, reflect and for many inspiring encounters. This year the programme focuses on topics of the biodiversity and climate crisis, 21st Century Skills, as well as equity, diversity and inclusion, with much more to discover! Browse the Conference programme, full of sessions submitted by your peers and curated by the Conference Programme Committee. 

SATURDAY,  4 June 2022  I  9.00 – 10.15

Co-design, co-creation, citizen science, open innovation: some of the buzzwords you might have been hearing a lot recently. But what exactly are they all about? These approaches can be used to achieve societal engagement in science & innovation policies or processes.  In this session, we will share practical examples, and interesting (and available) tools, but also reflections on how to adapt them to emerging trends such as the need to achieve concrete targets and missions in a relatively short time (i.e. climate neutrality). We will then look at specific cases of getting innovators, regional governments, or huge private companies on board in impactful participatory science engagement activities. 

Join the discussion with Marzia Mazzonetto, co-founder of BEparticiaption, CEO of Stickydot, TRANSFORM Brussels cluster coordinator and leader of mutual learning activities, Mélanie Marcel, founder of SoScience and Ryan Titley, Director of projects at ERRIN – European Regions Research & Innovation

ECSITE conference 2022

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