TRANSFORM at TeRRItoria’s final conference: recording available


TRANSFORM at TeRRItoria’s final conference: recording available


TeRRItoria final conference: RRI institutional changes for improved regional governance 

The TeRRItoria’s final conference took the form of a webinar series that took place on 18, 20 and 25 January 2022. The webinar series aimed to put forward the experiences gained within the 3 years of TeRRItoria journey, and at the same time shared some theoretical means as well as practical experiences that are useful to design institutional changes in territories to implement effective RRI principles into R&I ecosystems and governance structures at regional and local level.

The three thematic sessions

  • How to engage citizens in regional development policies
  • Institutional changes for Responsible Research and Innovation
  • The way forward

provided the opportunity to hear from experts in their respective fields, representatives from the pilot projects, and stakeholders with first-hand experiences in Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) and regional governance.


TRANSFORM at TeRRItoria’s final webinars 

On 18 January, TRANSFORM participated in a session on How to engage citizens in regional development policies.

Angela Simone (Giannino Bassetti Foundation), TRANSFORM Project Coordinator, presented project activities, experiences and lessons learned from the implementation of co-design, co-creation and citizen science in regional R&I governance and in working with quadruple helix stakeholders to create more open, transparent and inclusive regional R&I ecosystems.

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