TRANSFORM at SeeRRI final conference


TRANSFORM at SeeRRI final conference


29 – 30 September 2021

Since January 2019, the SeeRRI project has been working with European regional policymakers to explore how regional governments can practice responsible regional planning – regional planning that is anticipative, reflexive, inclusive, and responsive. Nearly three years of joint efforts will culminate in the “Bringing RRI into regional planning: From theory to SeeRRI” Conference to be held in Barcelona on September 29-30, 2021.

The conference is free to attend for anyone who is interested and the registration is now open. 

TRANSFORM at SeeRRI final conference

In addition to the poster exhibition and our contribution to the SeeRRI booklet, TRANSFORM will participate in two sessions sharing our experiences from project implementation so far.

On the first day, Angela Simone (FGB), TRANSFORM Project Coordinator, together with Nhien Nguyen (SeeRRI Project Coordinator) and & Marianne Hörlesberger (DigiTeRRI Project Coordinator), will talk about ‘Impact of cross-project collaboration’.

On the second day, Marzia Mazzonetti (BE participation), leading the mutual learning activities and Brussels-Capital regional cluster in TRANSFORM, will join a debate on ‘How mutual learning happens between regions in EU projects’ together with Elisabetta Marinelli (Advisory Board member in SeeRRI) and Tanja Adnađević (TeRRIFICA project).

SeeRRI conference

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