Wrapping up the second year of TRANSFORM – PART 2


Wrapping up the second year of TRANSFORM – PART 2


TRANSFORM is now entering its third, final, year. The experimentation with citizen engagement activities and RRI implementation into regional R&I governance will be completed in all three clusters, drawing conclusions and lessons learned into the project outcomes.

Strategic Roadmaps for the implementation and support of territorial RRI through three tested methodologies – participatory research agenda setting, citizen science and multistakeholder engagement – within S3 priorates that will provide comprehensive guidelines on the applied methodologies in three regions.

RRI Maps will show efforts that TRANSFORM regional R&I ecosystems have done towards the inclusion of RRI elements within their R&I activities and funding. An inspiration for existing innovation scoreboards that would benefit from integrating RRI indicators.

policy recommendations

 In addition, Policy Recommendations to transforming regional R&I systems towards RRIresulting from the mutual learning process will provide inspiration to regional governments and local authorities who would like to replicate TRANSFORM processes and implement RRI components within their R&I policies.

Evaluation and monitoring

The continuous monitoring and evaluation will result in several public deliverables,

  • Impact pathways for RRI Initiatives in Regional R&I Ecosystems
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Guide
  • TRANSFORM: An Assessment of Outcomes and Impacts

that will provide insights into TRANSFORM’s approach to this task including processes, practices, methodologies and indicators used as well as the impact assessment of the project. At the same time, it will also cover the overall impact assessment in terms of the actual impact of mature innovations taken up in society beyond the scope of the project. These deliverables will provide guidance to others interested in monitoring and evaluating the impact of RRI at territorial level. 

Project e-book

A project e-book will present the experimentation processes of all three clusters explored in the project, detailing used methodologies, strengths, weaknesses and practical hints to replicate the activities; an easy-to-use guide for policymakers and local stakeholders to implement RRI and participatory approaches in S3. It will be presented in a project webinar along with other results with an objective to trigger more RRI approaches in S3.


Each regional cluster will organise a local final event presenting the project results, strengthening links built among quadruple helix stakeholders and celebrating the outcomes of the work done in the past three years. The final conference will be organised in Milan to invite stakeholders from all over Europe to showcase project achievements, reflect on lessons learned together with other projects and discuss the main challenges and future trends shaping the territorial RRI in regional R&I.


We will keep exploring synergies with other projects and initiatives, and share our knowledge and experiences during the events at European, national, regional and local level.

Stay tuned!

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